LiveChatExpert is not a 3rd Party Software provider. At LiveChatExpert we simply do one thing, we provide a “One Stop Shop” to find ALL Live Chat Links under one Roof. Put another way; LiveChatExpert is a Database or Directory of Live Chat Links

The technology is known as “Live Chat.” This technology utilises a convenient method to provide the customer with a faster & more efficient experience. Companies generally can not place their departmental Icons on their Home Page. Searching in the traditional manner is simply not time efficient, so people – don’t. Instead they are forced to stick with traditional methods email/phone. Live Chat is fast becoming the defacto standard; if you want to Chat directly with a company (any company) then Live Chat is by far the most efficient medium & LiveChatExpert the easiest & fastest route


Some of the London Boroughs handle in excess of 2 million enquiries per annum via the Customer Service Operation. A guideline of 91% are handled first time thereby cutting down repeated customer enquiries for the same subject. 81% reported an increase in conversion rates to some extent since implementing Live Chat. Indeed, 60% of respondents who do not yet have Live Chat are currently investigating chat solutions. Call Centres are increasingly seeing the positive impact of using Live Chat technology, both internally & to it’s customers. Consequently, the cost savings & improved efficiencies of using Live Chat is well documented. Third party Live Chat Installers, are available to guide companies through the set up process. The research shows that Live Chat highly productive. Additionally, it provides the customer with an enhanced customer service experience


A year ago, although Globally established – Live Chat was in its infancy. As a result, nowadays its fast overtaking the traditional methods of communication such as phone or email. The upside is Live Chat has several key advantages. In summary; a key selling point of Live Chat is it is a ‘live’ conversation on a 1 to 1 basis. It avoids multiple communications using email. Live Chat provides a written “Paper Trail” of evidence. The statistics are that 72% of customers researched commented that they like to use Live Chat as it gets their questions answered quickly & stress free. 41% stated it was the most efficient communication method & of those that tried Live Chat, a high percentage never went back to the traditional email/phone based communication methods. Summary is that Live Chat has high satisfaction levels of 68%. Of those who use online transactions, 28% would be more likely to purchase having used Live Chat with an online retailer

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