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WHY is there a Giant Stopwatch ?


You may well ask, but actually it is very relevant. We have a brand new Global 1st idea. It’s a free method of saving you lots & lots of (wait for it, wait for it) – time. Time is YOUR most valuable commodity more than Gold or Diamonds. IF we could save you lets say 2hrs/wk, what would you do with those extra 2hrs


HOW do I Connect ?

Our Database contains hundreds of “Household Name” – LINKS. Either enter the company name in the Search Box below & hit Enter or if you want to see all companies – TOP RIGHT of screen is “CHAT LINKS.” Simply select the appropriate letter & both methods will connect you instantly to their Live Chat


WHY should I be interested ?
You chose to search Google for Live Chat (that’s why you ended up here) so you already appreciate that Live Chat has many functions which you like or you wouldn’t have searched for it. Maybe its because its less stressful than sitting in a telephone queue listening to irritating music & “Press 4 for this & Press 7 for that.” When you eventually get through its either the wrong Department or somebody who has very limited product knowledge.

We do 1 simple thing; we put you in direct contact with your chosen company’s own Live Chat because its likely you couldn’t find it on their own website, as normally it’s very well hidden. THIS is all we do. We are simply the “go between” enabling you to talk to them – super fast.

The Background
Want Tesco’s Live Chat, want Halford’s Live Chat – its seconds away. You are not alone! We have thousands of Visitors who use this free service – constantly & presumably for good reason. Generally, because we hand them back 2hrs every week!

WHY don’t I simply Click Exit ?
You could, but how are you going to find that Live Chat service for the Suppliers you regularly use because as you discovered, finding their Live Chat can be VERY time consuming. That’s where we can really be of help to you. We have 374 UK Top “Household Name” companies in our Database. It’s kept updated, so if you want insurance or groceries or automotive live chats, are you really going to search for their well hidden Live Chat for hours. Of course not, so you are back to “Press 4 for this & Press 7 for that.” or “Snail Mail.” This is why Thousands use our free service, it saves them (all together now) that most valuable of commodities … time


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